• Technical and Regulatory Expertise: JPA is recognized as an expert by Federal agencies, such as FDA, who seek input from the Association on issues related to the juice industry. JPA is an advocate for the industry, providing input on legislative, regulatory and trade issues, including, food labeling, health claims, transportation, quality control and food security.
  • Research & Communications: JPA sponsors research, develops and promotes accurate, science-based communications to explain the benefits of juice consumption and counter misinformation.
  • Sip Smarter, JPA's consumer-facing website, continues to engage health experts and consumers alike with its positive messaging about the healthfulness of juice. Sip Smarter also serves as a resource for JPA members who wish to learn more about scientific research, responses to negative news stories, health tips and more.
  • JPA’s Annual Meeting provides excellent networking opportunities and are attended by the juice products industry’s key decision makers. Topics of current interest are addressed, such as crop estimates and conditions, transportation and export issues, packaging and marketing concepts, advertising trends, consumer trends, and regulatory updates.
  • Monthly updates and regular alerts keep JPA Members up-to-date on all the latest news, technical trends, media and regulatory issues that emerge and pose implications for the industry.
  • Over a dozen committees that work to address industry and Association issues and provide a platform for continuing education and networking.
  • Partnerships with International Organizations: JPA is engaged with a variety of international and domestic organizations that affect the juice and fruit products industry, including Codex Alimentarius, the Technical Committee on Juice and Juice Products (TCJJP), and the International Fruit Juice Union (IFU).
  • JPA’s Laboratory Proficiency Program offers processors a cost-effective means of assessing their in-house laboratories’ accuracy.
  • The Tanker Wash Audit Program is managed by JPA and ensures the safe and efficient transportation of juice.


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