First Name Last Name Organization Title
Robert Black Pepsico/Tropicana Products, Inc. Purchasing Director
Megan Bourquin Country Pure Foods, Inc. Purchasing Manager
Shaun Bynum Bynum Transport, Inc. Director of Operations
Todd Bynum Bynum Transport, Inc. President
Alice Conley California Natural Color Customer Service/Sales Manager
Julianne DeMarco Directus USA, Inc. General Manager
Derya Dietz TREKO TARIM GIDA IC VE DIS TIC. LTD. STI. Managing Partner
Motti Einhorn IceGen Corp. President
Patrick Elster IceGen Corp. Vice President, Sales
Cindee Johnston Guaranteed Transport Service Guest
Rick Johnston Guaranteed Transport Service Chief Operating Officer
Christina Khoo Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. Director, Scientific Affairs
Phillip Klein California Natural Color Vice President
Steve Lezman Pepsico/Tropicana Products, Inc. Senior Director, Government Affairs
Randy Liebowitz Pepsico/Tropicana Products, Inc. Sr. Legal Director
Kelly Marx The Coca-Cola Company Director, Simply Juices
Donna Plank Spouse
Rick Plank Peace River Citrus Products, Inc. Vice President of Sales
Chris Schubert Encore Fruit Marketing, Inc. VP, Sales
Erin Sill Encore Fruit Marketing, Inc. Vice President
Meera Simha Pepsico/Tropicana Products, Inc. Principal Scientist
Andrew Taylor Peace River Citrus Products, Inc. Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Jean Taylor Peace River Citrus Products, Inc. No title
Stephanie Thompson Spouse
Victor Thompson Guaranteed Transport Service Chief Financial Officer
Matt Tocci Oakley Transport, Inc. Director of Customer Relations
Doug Tope Peace River Citrus Products, Inc. Vice President of Sales
Jon Westover IceGen Corp. Director, Customer Service & Field Operations

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